Steve's Footy Trivia Quiz

Answer 59

Mark Hughes, Paul Ince, Gareth Southgate, Steve Bruce, Stuart Pearce (for England), Roy Keane and David Moyes, who played for Preston North End when Beckham was on loan to them! Chris Casper, manager of Bury played in the ManU youth team with Beckham. Hening Berg, who manages FC Lyn Oslo. Simon Davey who manages Barnsley, played with him at Preston North End. Tony Adams managed Wycombe and played with Beckham for England. Dennis Wise who managed Swindon and others.


Some people have suggested that David Beckham played in the same side as Bryan Robson when David made his United debut as a sub in the Rumbelows Cup against Brighton on 23rd September 1992 but Bryan did not play in this match. I have heard that they played together in a friendly in South Africa against Kaiser Chiefs on 29th July 1993, but I can't prove it!


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